Your product is unique, so is your audience

AdXite will match the two together like no other platform.

Global inventory across all devices
AdXite will empower your online campaigns on a worldwide scale. We also know many offers are market specific, and we'll provide you with local expert advice.
High impact ad formats
Drive performance by using the most attention grabbing and engaging ad formats. We specialize in popunders, interstitials and redirects.
Quality controlled
By using quality control methods such as smart firewalls and real-time/post-impression analysis and by manually monitoring and analyzing any suspicious patterns we guarantee traffic quality.
3G/4G Carrier targeting
Empower your mobile campaigns with the most up to date 3G/4G carrier targeting.
Category targeting
We understand that marketing your offer to the correct vertical is key in entertainment.
Conversion tracking
Track your conversions as well as any other events and be notified in real time through S2S pixel setup.

Monetize with AdXite

AdXite is a premium entertainment monetization platform that focuses on generating the highest possible payouts for your pop-under, interstitial and redirect inventory for both Mobile and Desktop. Because we focus on just a few high value ad-formats, we can guarantee you the best payouts.

Proven technology

The most advanced monetization platform.

Our team's combined years of experience in the entertainment industry has taught us what publishers need. AdXite will provide you with the most advanced optimization service with global coverage across all countries, verticals, devices, operating systems and carriers.

We let you customize all the parameters necessary to enhance user experience and boost your revenues.

AdXite for Publishers


Easiest Setup Ever

Easiest Setup Ever

Our solution could not be easier to setup, just create an account, implement our tags and you're in business!

Real Time Statistics

Real Time Statistics

With AdXite,
you won't ever have to wait to see results and revenues.

On Time Payments

On Time Payments

We payout on weekly basis and provide a selection of payment methods. And we are always on time.

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